Get alerted the moment your
SSL cert
goes down

Get alerted the moment your website goes down

Things break. Know about it before your customers do. checks from multiple locations as often as every 30 seconds. Plus... with load and response time monitoring, get alerted before downtime occurs.

Website Monitoring Status
Website Monitoring Status
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Alerting for downtime, slowness, high server load, failing cron jobs and more

Website monitoring

Reliable website monitoring that alerts you the moment your website goes down. checks your website from multiple locations as often as every 30 seconds.

SSL monitoring

Modern browsers block websites that have expired SSL certificates, displaying big scary warnings. alerts you to expired and expiring SSL certificates.

Server load monitoring

Server load can be a silent killer. alerts you to high server load before it becomes a problem.

Domain expiration monitoring

Letting your domain expire can lead to long downtime or worse. alerts you to expiring domains.

Background task monitoring

Send heartbeats to us and we'll alert you if they stop coming. Monitor crons and other scheduled and background tasks.

Port & ping monitoring

Ensure critical network services like email and databases are operational by monitoring specific ports.

Keyword monitoring

A powerful tool for confirming your website is responding correctly. sends a down notification if important text is present or absent.

Response time monitoring doesn't just measure and record how long your website takes to respond, it also alerts you if it's taking longer than expected to respond.

Multi-location checks

Global locations reduce false positives. We analyse regional responses, identifying area-specific website slowdowns.

Unlimited users

Our plans are based on usage, not users, which means you can keep the whole team in the loop.

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