No more refreshing... let us monitor website changes for you

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Monitoring without the tedious configuration

"Alert me when..."

Enter the website and describe in normal language when you'd like to be notified. e.g. "alert me when price goes under £25".

No messing around

No cropping, no threshold management, no element selecting, no unnecessary alerts. is AI powered. It just works.

No unnecessary alerts

Unlike other tools that can only alert you to any change, can specifically alert you to the changes you specify.

Know everything

You can also monitor for any changes and get an AI generated report on the changes, along with visual comparisons.

History of changes

Access a detailed record of all changes, providing you with insights into trends or strategy shifts.

Be the first to know

Change detection checks can be performed as often as every 3 minutes. Get notified by push as well as email and more.

Filter out the noise

Popups and ads are automatically removed, so you're only monitoring the content that matters.

Unlimited users

Our plans are based on usage, not users, which means you can keep the whole team in the loop.

Website Change Detection & Uptime Monitoring in one platform

All your monitoring in one place